White Water Rafting – Ocoee River

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Recently I went on a white water rafting trip with a few friends down the Ocoee River in Tennessee.  It was a blast.  We had enough people go it took us 2 rafts.  The raft I was in had a lighter load which turned out to be a bad thing.  We only had 5 in our raft including the guide.At the put in spot the river looked a little intimidating to a few of my friends, but I was amped up to get in and get the party started.

The part of the river we went down has some interesting names for the rapids.   Here are a few… Broken Nose, Slice and Dice, Moon Chute, Double Suck, Double Trouble, Flipper, Table Saw, Diamond Splitter, Sling shot, and Hell Hole.  Sounds like fun huh?

The trip was eventful to say the least. 

We almost ran over a kayaker.  We were all dumped at the same time.  A couple of us jumped off some rocks right into a rapid.  Fun fun fun.Our guide Mickey had the idea of taking us for a ride by having the raft sideways into one of the rapids.  His idea didn’t go so well.  The particular rapid I am talking about is called Second Helping.  When we hit the rapid everyone was dumped from the raft with the exception of our guide Mickey of course.  It happened so fast.  I was the first one dumped, then my friend Candice, then Dan, then Joey.  Our guide quickly snatched me and Candice back in the raft.  I soon after grabbed Dan.  I noticed Dan was missing a shoe.  Looking in the river I saw it floating down stream and right behind his shoe was his paddle.  I was able to grab his shoe about half a mile down river, but we were never able to find his paddle.  So we only had 3 paddles for the rest of the trip.

My friend Joey had a rough go too when we got dumped.  He was sucked underwater into the rapid and he stayed under for a bit, but eventually he made it out of the rapid and finally caught up with our raft and Dan snatched him into the boat.

I later talked to our guide Mickey and he said we had a “clean dump.”

So apparently there is a rafting term for what happened to us.About half way down we all came to a stopping point for a break.  Me, Joey, and a guide from the other boat Tom did something really cool.  We climbed a few rocks next to one of the smaller rapids and jumped off a rock into the rapid.   The rapid takes you down river into calmer waters.  My first attempt I didn’t jump far enough into the rapid and it took me back into the rocks.  My second attempt was  successful and  I made it back to the rafts safely.All in all our trip down the Ocoee River was a blast even though we got dumped and got a little wet.   I look forward to the next time I can go again.

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