Which He Finally Came to Know that yes Suspected man.

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In a Murder When investigation was going on with a suspected person at that time author who was a FBI Agent was present with his Working partner Both author and his working partner was questioning that suspected person at start both felt that suspected person is innocent, because he was answer every question very nicely Author’s working partner shouted to that suspected man and asked him With What you Killed the Victim? With Knife or with bat, or with gun, or with Ice pick, or with Axe, or with hammer, with what you killed him? while he was asking that question at that time author read the body language of that suspected man and after reading the body language author started realising that the suspected man maybe is the actual murderer, hence he started asking him more detailed questions he started doing detailed investigation, after which he finally came to know that yes suspected man is the actual murderer.

We Most of the Time Can Manipulate What We say and How we say.

We do it consciously but our body language talks unconsciously Our subsconcious Limbic Brain automatically ask us to do it hence if you learn to read others body language, then it is somewhat similar to reading others mind you will learn to understand that when person is feeling good or bad you will come to know whether person is lying or saying the truth, in fact when to learn to read body language then you can know person even more better and can form more strong relationship with which they can like you even more, your attractiveness will increase, you will learn to influence people you will make others do more work for you Similarly, author says that there are many more benefits of reading Body language hence it is very important for us to understand body language and to use it for our as well as for others benefit, Today i will share meaning of many gestures which will help you to understand body language more properly, so let’s begin You can read anyone’s body language by focusing on four parts first FACE, Second Hands, Third Torso means body and last fourth is legs now if i ask you

Which is the most genuine and true part of human body, then what will be your answer?

When author asked this question in his book, at that time i thought answer will be face or hands But no, actual answer is feet and legs so we start with FEET AND LEGS Gestures, See i know that face is the important part of body language But since childhood we are taught not to make faces while meeting someone we should smile whenever we meet someone no matter how bad we feel etc. therefore we learn to manipulate our facial expressions since childhood, but the thing about which we don’t care much is our legs feet therefore maximum time legs shows humans true emotions now let’s understand legs important gestures, you must know about them.

 No.1) Happy Feet you must have noticed.

When you feel good at that time your walking style is bit different and when you feel sad at that time your walking style is different when a person feels good at that time he has a little bouncy walk while humming or singing etc this shows that he is excited or satisfied now to remember, while noticing any gestures and before coming to any conclusion it is very important to also understand the Context example, if someone is humming and having a bouncy walk at that time you can know that he is happy and it will be true, but if he is having a bouncy walk and going for an interview and breathing deeply and heavily Then he is nervous., hence understand that Gestures signals depends on Context

 No.2) Feet Direction,Usually.

 If we are not interested in anything either situation or a person, then our feet will be on opposite or in different direction this point will clear and make you understand that whether the opposite person is interested in talking to you or not example, if you go to talk to someone and if that person while talking is not keeping their feet direction towards you then they are not interested in talking to you.

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