When life has Knocked The Wind Out of You?

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I am a mother of two who is recently separated after 15 years of marriage, and I understand how easy it is to lose yourself in life. I did it and am just starting to step back into my own power now.So how do you regain your power when life has knocked the wind out of you? Start with yourself, and your passions. Work on yourself first.

Sometimes though, it’s hard to remember what your passions are. A simply way to remember what you love is to watch your kids.  Children can show you how to find your passion because it comes naturally to them.As a parent, you may need a little help remembering what makes us shine. Kids are naturally drawn to the things that make them happiest and they make it look so easy. Moms are busy, selfless creatures who have put themselves last for so long, they may need a little help getting back on track.

Poopy Diapers and Sleepless Nights sets.

Once you become a mother, your life is never the same and it seems to come without warning. The idea of motherhood that you see in the movies is suddenly shattered and the reality of poopy diapers and sleepless nights sets in. You learn, grow, and change in every area of your life. You develop unbelievable patience and incredible organizing skills. You live selflessly for others. You learn how to multi-task like a lunatic, fit the equivalent of 30 hours into each day, and operate with super human powers. In a nutshell, you quietly become an amazing person who is capable of anything, but your own passions may go undercover.

Sometimes it is hard to see the essence of your true magnificent self.

If you are a mom, be assured that you are an incredible person with unlimited potential. And you are powerful beyond belief.One of the goals of my blog is to remind you of who you are and help you rediscover your passions, then blog your story.I’d like to help you build blog for whatever reason you like… to simply connect with other adults, to leave a legacy for your kids, to learn a new skill, or to build a home based business on the internet.

My Passions are Travel and Being a Mom.

I am blogging about my past travel experiences so that I can inspire open-mindedness in my kids, current travel experiences that I enjoy with my kids, my future bucket list, as well as great travel tips and deals I come across on my journey.I hope you enjoy my single mom travel blog and if you are ready to start one of your own, download my free ebook and get started. I would love to help you.

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