Go GreenPhotography 

    Better than a Photo Booth!                                                          Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime... 


 Everyone typically has a budget when planning for a wedding, party or event.  At times wedding planners and consultants consider a print on-site company a luxury.  Go Green Photography believes that we are a key element for remembering your special event.

We know that flowers, cake, caterer and DJ are typically necessary but how are you going to remember your event in 5, 10, 15 even 20 years?

 The wedding photographer is focused on pictures of the bride, groom and wedding party, but what about all your guests? All the people there who make this special day, well special. Our service will capture their smiles, laughter and fun all in one place, your memory album! This album has pictures, well wishes, drawings from family members, friends who we don't get to see as much as we like and elders we want to cherish forever. This album will be available for you to see whenever you wish, whether it be months or years down the line, priceless moments allowing you to relive that day again and again.   

Keep in mind when shopping for a "photo booth" as they can only fit very small numbers of people in the picture. Feel free to browse our portfolio where there hasn't been a group big enough that we cant fit into the picture!! This is one area where you will get what you pay for. Go Green uses professional equipment in every aspect and a printer that is outstanding in quality. We have top quality props, backgrounds and our Go Green crews are phenomenal in customer service.  Their not satisfied till you are and will strive to give you exceptional service capturing your memories that will last a lifetime....