What in the World is Plyometrics?

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Plyometric Training can be some of the most enjoyable exercises you can do.  So what in the world is plyometrics?  According to merriam-webster.com, “plyometrics: exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power. To put it simplify, they are jump exercises for the most part.

Plyometric Training Circuit.

Any workout routine you need to incorporate a wide variety of different exercises, to help keep it fun and to prevent the plateau effect.  Circuit training is a great way to put an assortment of exercises together.  Here are a few plyo moves to help get you started.  Remember with all the exercises to keep your core tight.  Do as many circuits of these four exercises you can in 15 minutes to get a great fat burning workout.

  • Back lunge/drive knee – Start in lunge position.  With the leg that is in lunge position, bring that leg up towards the front of your body.  Do 10-15 reps per leg.
  • Jump squats – Start in squat position.  Explode up and back into the squat position.  Try your best to land softly.  Do 10 reps.
  • Lunges – Start in lunge position.  Jump up straight.  When you land you should land in the lunge position but with the opposite leg in a lunge.  Keep your back straight.  Do 10 reps.
  • Plyo pushups- From pushup position, while performing the pushup clap your hands in the air.  These can be challenging for beginners, so start with just 5 reps and build your way up.
  • Do as many circuits of these 4 exercises in 15 minutes to get a good cardio workout.

A More Explosive Athlete With Plyometric Trainin.

Want to increase your vertical basketball players?  Do some plyometrics training.  You could be able to jump through the roof, okay not literally but you know what I mean.  There are so many benefits to doing plyo.  Improve your overall performance is the biggest benefit.  Jump higher, run faster, increase your time on speed and agility drills.  The possibilities are endless to how great of an athlete you can become doing plyo.  Plyo exercises pull from many different sports like volleyball, basketball,boxing, football, tennis, and skiing.

MMA Fighters Use Plyometric Training

Mixed martial artists have to be in the best shape to get in the ring every time they fight. They perform crazy moves like superman punches, flying knees, and other extreme moves during MMA bouts.  What helps them do all those moves?  You guessed it, plyometrics.  One of the best fighters in the world and my favorite MMA fighter George St. Pierre does plyometric training as a part of his overall training regime.  It shows every time he fights.  Check out another article I wrote about him and his workout routine at George St. Pierre MMA Workout and Diet Plan.If you feel like a frog leap.  And with plyometric training you can leap even higher than you thought you could.  Go on outperform your friends, you know you got it in you.  Don’t be afraid to jump into great fitness.  But don’t go too crazy and hurt yourself.  Remember to stretch before and after the workout to help prevent injury.

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