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Weight Vest Reviews – Running Weight Vest MiR Pro 45Lbs Slim Weighted VestCustomer Rating – 5 stars Running Weight VestA running weight vest is a great piece of exercise equipment to not only increase your cardiovascular endurance, but also to increase the endurance of the muscles.

Weight vests for running are becominf extremely popular for a lot of fitness enthusiasts, and for for people who want to quickly lose some weight and improve their levels of fitness The Mir Pro slim weighted vest is not just a running weight vest, it can be used for a multitude of exercises that will quickly improve performance. Exercises such as hill walking, squats, press ups, chin ups, and many others can be perfprmed with a weight vest. The additional weight on your body makes your body work much harder. If you perform your exercise workouts with a weighted vest, the workouts will be tougher. However after using a vest such as this for a period of time, try doing your exercises without one, and you will see remarkable improvements in what you are capable of in regards to reps and time spent exercising.A running weight vest is ideal not only for runners, but for anybody who wants to burn a lot of calories. The additional weight that you carry will force your body to use more energy, and as energy basically means calories in regards to the human body, you are going to burn a lot more, and more quickly than running without a weighted vest.

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The Mir weighted vest is one of the best weight vests for running.

The company has a proven track record for providing top quality exercise equipment, and its weighted vests are used by athletes and people from every walk of life. It can be used by men and women.

The Mir slim weighted vest has a maximum weight of 45 pounds, with each weight weighing 1.5 pounds. Allowing you to adjust the weights to your needs and levels of fitness. It is made from reinforced nylon which has double padding. The quality of this vest ensures that you will not have to buy another running weight vest again.It is had excellent views from people that have purchased it. When it comes to weight vests for running, this Mir running weight vest ticks all the boxes.

Customer Review

When I first bought this vest, I wasn’t too sure if I liked it (as you may feel when it first comes). Do NOT let that feeling get you to send it back! Give the vest a chance and just put it on. I weigh 140lbs and am 5’8″ and it still fits me! I love this vest! I do everything from riding my bike and running with my dog, to push ups and pull ups! It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything! The only thing to remind you its there is the new weight you have! Amazing product!! I wear it every where, and nobody can tell because I just slip it under a hoodie and its gone! I VERY MUCH recommend this product!

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