Top 5 Free iPad RSS readers

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This app can easily be number one on your list if all you want is to read the apps in an old fashioned way: categories on the left, posts on the right. MobileRSS does offer some themes to make reading more enjoyable and you can download full posts after you’ve tinkered with the settings. Speaking of settings there you can insert Twitter, Facebook and other social network accounts for easy sharing. There is a built in browser for viewing the original posts and the option of viewing them on the whole screen. Like any other rss reader you can like, mark as read/unread or favourite.

This was number 5 for me, but it can easily be number one for you.

4. Night Stand

As the name suggests this isn’t just a normal RSS reader. Besides showing the latest titles Night Stand displays a big clock and a three day weather forecast. The app has Twitter and Facebook feed options but in order to get them an update is required. For $2 you get these features, plus a 7 day forecast. Diving into the settings menu I discovered you can also get more backgrounds and widget options and above all you can get rid off the ads. As for the reader itself a window will show up in the middle of the screen, showing the same annoying ad and a nice article layout. You cannot like or tweet the article since the only feature is checking out the full article, thus opening the Safari browser.

Why number 4? Because I like the whole desk clock concept + rss reader so if you’re the kind of person who needs to know the latest news before slipping into your slippers than Night Stand is a good option.

3. Feedly

This is where the Top 5 gets interesting: magazine-styled rss readers that are about eye candy and contet. Feedly comes with a lot of content once installed. Of course you can add your own but I’m afraid doing that is going to be a bit difficult. In my opinion the menu isn’t displayed correctly and finding what you’re looking for could take some time. The information however is nicely displayed, in a magazine fashioned way. The app has a symmetrical layout so you might actually think you are reading an online edition of a magazine. I don’t mind it at all.

Sharing an article is very easy: e-mail, twitter, and facebook; you can even like and bookmark it. There goes number3

2. Pulse

Pulse is a well known RSS reader that has a very simple way of showing news: rows. Every feed is displayed in a row and it displays news in small boxes which hold a whole lot of information and options of sharing it. Just like Feedly, Pulse comes with pre-loaded content but you cand add your own, including your Twitter feed and Facebook updates. A nice touch is the possibility of reading the original article without leaving the app and even from there you can add it as a favourite and share it on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail.There is a reason why we placed Pulse in the second place. Because of the first place, obviously!

1. Flipboard

I already mentioned Flipboard as the best app for the iPad and there are several reasons for that. The first one would be the way information is displayed. This is the closest I got to an actual magazine: perfect layout, the “turn-the-page” effect, and good fonts. Reading a single article is very easy and you can easily go to the original article and read further. Perhaps the best part of Flipboard is the way your Facebook and Twitter feeds are being displayed. It actually transforms your friends and people you follow into journalists and that is absolutely awesome. The home screen is also brilliant: it grabs a recent photo from your feeds and displays it using the panning effect. Sharing and marking content as favourite are easy to make.

So these are my top 5 apps. Do you have other RSS apps you use?

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