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Perhaps one of the most interesting part of reviewing an iPad is finding out what games look and feel good on its 9.7″ screen. It is more rewarding when you find free apps that are absolutely stunning. Here’s my top 5

5. CK Zombies

Zombies have really taken over the world in 2011, at leas virtually. It seems like zombies are the perfect ingredient to get noticed in the App Store. CK Zombies puts you in a wheel chair, gives you loads of guns and unlimited ammo and lets you have fun blowing the brains out of zombies. The concept is appealing but after a while you may get bored over the same “save the girl, save the world” action. In order to get new weapons you must pass many levels or buy some gold. The graphics look good, the blood looks nice and the environment checks all the post-apocalyptic features. We placed it last because the biggest draw is you being stuck in a wheel chair and not being able to walk over to a zombie and crush his skull with a shovel… would have been much more rewarding.

4. Gun Bros

Another shoot to kill game but this time more engaging. At least you can move, run, turn 360 and shoot whatever comes. This time we aren’t dealing with zombies, robotic oppressors are the ones threatening humanity or whatever is left of it. You can pick between the two main characters, equip some guns, armor and some health bombs and face wave after wave. Unlike CK Zombies there are different types of monsters, some strong, others weak, some having devastating weapons, others having very thick armor. There is something to kill for everybody. The only drawback I can find is the addictiveness: the levels come and go very fast and you may notice at one point that a lot of time has passed.

GT Free +HD

This one is all about for those who like the track, real cars and kissing the apex. GT Free +HD brings a lot of cars on the track and although nearly all of them sound the same (bad mark there), there are some nice features. The ideal line is there to guide you, there are time trials, challenges, and even licences you have to obtain in order to enter tracks. The game takes itself very seriously and even introduces car classes. The cars look nice and handle well on the track. We haven’t tested the game on multiplayer mode but for fans this one should be a real blast. Just think what it would be like to own these cars and have to pay nothing.

2. Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway is a nice time killer. You are a robber trying to ditch the cops and get all the money. On your way to freedom you are allowed to smash, bump, and jump over any vehicle and furthermore you can collect additional coins and power-ups. The game shouldn’t be taken too seriously, especially by cops (who have a habit of crashing into each other). Reckless Getaway is better than GT Free just because it’s a laugh and because you don’t need a licence to drive. Just rob the bank, hit the gas and make it to the escape point. Be careful though: cops can get you very easily if you’re out of power-ups and three of them are around you.

1. MetalStorm: Wingman

We already had a look at MetalStorm: Wingman and we can safely say this is the best free iPad game out there. There’s nothing like being a pilot and shooting down enemies. The controls are very good, the pilot (you) can be the perfect stunt and trick his opponents. The maps seem to bee enormous and the ammo never runs out. Keep in mind you must maintain your energy high in order to dodge missiles and bullets and that finding the enemy can be a real pain (make sure you use the back camera). If you do find a better game than MetalStorm: Wingman than feel free to leave a comment below.

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