The 48 laws of power is a book.

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That’s so powerful that each of its laws / chapters deserves their very own video and that’s why today we have a special guest on the channel a man who has literally spent thousands of hours outlining every chapter in this book and today he’s going to be sharing with you eleven of what he considers to be the most powerful laws in the 48 laws of power good day everyone thanks for having me I run a channel called dilla circus where spent thousands of hours mainly animating every single one of robert greene’s 48 laws of power I think it’s that important because green is one of those few authors but write about what is and not what ought to be meaning it’s brutally honest to the point of being blunt but if you’re like me you’d much rather prefer content that is reflective of the truth even if it is a bit unpleasant than being lied to that’s why I put so much effort into this I want to help you better understand power dynamics in the modern world so that you won’t be taken advantage of and a lot of it is just historical anecdotes with a lesson or two for you to take away the following I found to be the most practically sound laws in the book along with their stories so here it is for your viewing pleasure and joy law number four always say less than necessary due to his unpredictability Louis 14 won’t have his courtiers trembling fear.

How to Make Rope Condotti.

 When delivering bad news he would say I shall see have them leave the room and either take action or decide to do nothing about the issue but always with an intimidating silence only speak when you have something meaningful to say actions speak louder than words cuando a TI leaf was sentenced to death for rebelling against russian tsar nicholas de first in 1825 as contrati was to be hung the noose around his neck the rope tour and he fell to the ground it was a miracle immediately a messenger was sent to inform that side the Sun as he was signing the pardon that would allow contrati to live asked if he had made any remarks after the incident the messenger replied fire he said that in Russia they don’t even know how to make rope Condotti was hung again the following day you can imagine the rest had contrati been silent in that moment of incredible luck he would have lived as the one person who survived a failed coup d’etat against Nikolas the first he would have become a legend the man who cheated death his treason pardoned the gods on his side.

Still Today a Harmless Joke.

He just couldn’t bite his tongue he couldn’t stay quiet perhaps his pride did not let him the point is he may have enjoyed saying those words in that moment but was it worth it he didn’t only insult the king but every single russian by insinuating that they are incapable of doing anything right accepting this man’s impudence would have been a sign of weakness on the Tsar’s part unfortunately for contrati that son unlike him wasn’t a fool refrain from saying something that you will regret in the future the more you speak the higher the chances that you will say something that will get you into trouble perhaps it is best to let silence fill the air without feeling a need to speak it away especially when your fate lies in someone else’s hands still today a harmless joke or negative remark heard by the people in power can cost you your livelihood be aware of just.

How much weight your words can carry law number 9.

 win through your actions not through arguments mucinous needed strong ships without guarding his tongue his engineer argued that a different type than the one musician is preferred would be much better for conquest despite being rights the engineer was sentenced to death don’t argue with authorities agree and suggest an alternative then demonstrate law number 13 asking for help appeal to people’s self interest in 433 bc the Athenians found themselves in a favorable position the cursor ins and the Corinthians were preparing for war both parties wanted to secure the help of the Athenians the Corinthians chose to remind them of an existing debt the curse earrings on the other hand spoke only of mutual interests the combined force of their Navy directed at Sparta the Athenians allied with the course earrings in sales of any kind pragmatic arguments will always trump emotional appeals the past does not matter don’t count on loyalty aim for win-win deals law number 16 use absence to increase respect and honor a man set to a dervish why do I not see you more often the Dervish replied because the words why have you not been to see me or sweeter to my ear than the words.

 Why have you come again Mona Yami quoted in idrija.

 shops caravan of dreams 1968 gives people time to miss you by robbing them off your presence it’s when we lose something that we discover how valuable it had been to us on your return you will be appreciated all the more law number 18 isolation is dangerous the more you are isolated the easier it is to deceive you you lose touch with reality when someone is urging you to cut friends and family out of your life realize that they want to control and influence you all by themselves whether they do this consciously or unconsciously it is malicious be careful in cutting yourself off from others for too long introverted or not you may cause yourself great harm psychologically by pushing others away from you law number 23 concentrate your forces the greater and empires territories the more vulnerability great lands need strong borders else they may be overrun by another barbarian tribe as seen with the collapse of Rome your armies are strongest.

When Forged Together Revive Them.

They may not be able to protect the Empire from an invasion dedicate your complete focus to one front using every resource at your disposal and all of your energy to master your craft through Total Immersion law number 25 recreate yourself others will call you what they think you are or what they think they see in you it’s all superficial every now and again you will receive a genuine compliment but your parents friends society even your government expects you to be someone or something else it’s important that you choose to be whatever you want to be and did you feel free to change whenever you like you have the freedom to dismiss the opinions of others even to put on a good show like guy who’s Julius Caesar the world is your stage it’s up to you what role you want to play think of life like a book and you’re writing it you’re the main character so act like it law number 29 plan all the way to the end excerpt from the book the gods on Mount Olympus looking down on human actions from the clouds they see in advance the endings of all great dreams that lead to disaster and tragedy and they laugh at our inability to see beyond the moment and at how we delude ourselves before you take action consider the possible outcomes and consequences calculate the risk then execute.

law Number 34 be Royal in Your Own Fashion Act.

If it’s worth doing however as time goes on things reform and it would be foolish to stick to a plan that ignores change law number 34 be royal in your own fashion act like a king Christopher Columbus did not accept his low standing in the world he was born he recreated his family tree married into nobility and peddled with kings now unless he was mad people thought there must be valid reasons behind his bold requests he must be legitimate ask for less receive less what you tolerate is what you end up with do not think lowly of yourself you’re a king in your own right you’re a queen in your own right princes and princesses are no good today law 41 avoid stepping into a great man’s shoes Alexander the Great Father had set the standard of achievement very high Alexander wasn’t going to be content and his father’s shadow he wasn’t going to rest on his father’s and later on his own laurels when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain.

He wept for there were no more world’s to conquer.

Imagine if Alexander the Great had had a son who wanted to be a conqueror that he would pale in comparison is an understatement not a soul would have attributed his success to him for he’d achieved everything on the shoulders of his father don’t make it your life’s task to be better at being someone else instead go your own way unapologetically be your best self low 48 assume formlessness the Spartans the most powerful infantry the world had ever seen at a time lost the war with Athens for they were outnumbered and unwilling to change their views they did not adapt to circumstance they did not build walls they did not want to conquer new lands nor engage in trade for gold gave rise to corruption meanwhile Athens was thriving through constant reform Sparta fell behind and collapsed don’t fight change when you catch yourself in the futile attempt to resist a new order remind yourself did you not only miss the opportunity to addicted but to adapt to it in time you have to be anti fragile as Bruce Lee said and this is the closing statements you must be shapeless formless like water when you pour water in a cup it becomes the cup when you pour water in a bottle it becomes the bottle when you pour water in a teapot it becomes the teapot water can drip and it can crash be water my friend I hope you guys liked the video I highly recommend that you guys click right here to check out illa services video where he outlines every chapter in this monument of a book in under 30 minutes stay tuned guys.

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