HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6″ LED Notebook Review

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With the number of laptops that are in the market, it is very difficult for a consumer to pick one because almost all laptops have the same features. Every company that makes a laptop is trying to outdo their competition with better performances of their product at a much cheaper price. The prices of laptops are going down quickly because of new innovations that a company employs to attract more customers. But a quality laptop will always be good no matter what innovations there are and a good investment would be an HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6″ LED Notebook.

The Good

The HP ProBook is one of the few laptops that is being released with an LED screen, which makes everything that much clearer. People who know much about how technology works know how good an LED screen is compared to a regular LCD screen. An LED screen provides a much better lighting which hits the right colors that produces a better image result compared to an LCD screen. This laptop is the best choice for multi-media purposes because of the quality of the images that are produced on the screen.

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6″

LED Notebook is great if you use it for video purposes. Having a 320 GB hard drive gives it a big enough storage for all the movies and TV series that you might want to watch. You can always have something to do with this laptop with its quality video display.The processor is fast enough because it has an i3 processor which is part of the new line that Intel has released although it is not top of the line. It is just good enough to satisfy the needs of a normal person who does not use the laptop for games that have extreme graphics but just for video and simple functions like word processing and all those other things.

The product comes with a webcam that is good enough to satisfy the needs of a person’s video calling purposes. The webcam is sufficient to record videos that have good quality and for video calling. Video calling is very common right now especially with the partnership of facebook and skype that makes videocalling that much easier. Having a quality webcam will ensure the user that the person on the receiving end of the video call will get a good picture of how you look like.

The good thing about this laptop is that it has a 4GB ram which is huge for the laptop to function nicely even on the more strenuous tasks that you would have it do. It comes with the windows 7 software which is the best that there is right now and the price is very affordable. This is the perfect laptop if you want the best value for money because you can get the most of the laptop for the price that you are paying for it.

The bad

Although the laptop has its benefits like the 15.6-inch screen, it is not that portable because of the huge screen. It might be good to watch movies with it but it can be very heavy to bring around weighing at around 9 pounds.The size of the laptop is also huge which makes that much harder to fit it in a bag that is of a regular size. It also is not that good when playing games because of the video card but the good thing is that you can easily change it to fit your needs when it comes to gaming.

To sum up

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6″ LED Notebook is a great choice for people who want to have the best value for money when it comes to a laptop that can provide them with their Internet and movie needs. Office applications will work well with this laptop too which makes a great choice for the non-gamers.

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