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Most of the companies like them because they are easy quick and cheep to do.  Scammers love online surveys because it’s also easy to trick people into handling over money or personal information in the belief that they’re going to be paid for taking part. There are lots of people out there who make you fool about taking surveys and how to get 100 dollars fast. Believe me guys, people uses different kind of tricks and schemes to pull out money from your pocket. People with little knowledge can be fooled easily. I wrote this review to let you know about the companies and their different kind of schemes related to how to make a quick 100 dollars fast. The beginners mistakes… When I discovered about the surveys, I got very excited about joining more and more. I was so eager to start make 100 dollars fast that I began signing up like crazy with all the survey companies I could find. Later I discovered that it was a mistake! What’s wrong with joining as many survey companies as you can? Nothing is wrong. In fact, the more survey companies you join the more surveys you will be invited to complete, and the more money you will make… The problem is which survey companies you choose to join. Signing up with all survey companies without discerning which ones are legitimate and which ones are not is a BIG MISTAKE. The really bad thing is that you will get disappointed with paid surveys just because you didn’t register with the right companies!

To make it really work you must register with legitimate companies only!

How can you discern between good and bad survey companies?

Legitimate survey companies comply with the following practices:

  • Your privacy and the privacy of your answers are ensured.
  • You will not be sold anything under the guise of research.
  • You will get paid on time for the surveys you decide to take.

Illegitimate companies typically do the following:

  • They try to sell you something and in exchange they promise great rewards.
  • Most of the time nobody gets these rewards!
  • The Terms & Conditions of these companies (in small print at the bottom of their web sites) state they can sell or distribute your personal information without asking for any further permission!

 If you really want to make 100 dollars fast and have a lot of fun with paid surveys, you must join legitimate companies only.

How to get 100 dollars fast

This is a authorized review on how you can earn a handsome amount of money online. There are different thing through which you can make 100 dollars fast per week or even early.

Some of them are like:-

  1. Writing online content/articles for newspaper or company
  2. Selling a particular product through websites.
  3. E-commerce marketing.
  4. Taking surveys etc… etc…

My favorite is taking surveys. One of the effective method on how to get 100 dollars fast is through taking surveys.

The most interesting thing about taking surveys is, that, the company pay for your mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping is very much like everyday shopping, but for money. You just need to be attentive to some details during your shopping trip and report them to the mystery shopping companies that hire you. Doing so, you can get paid for eating out at first-class restaurants, shopping at the mall, staying at hotels and even going to the movies.Okay, let’s an example, you go into the XYZ Shoe Store on a Sunday morning and you notice posters displaying a promotion on all Nikes (30% off) in the store display window. A salesman named “Denial” greets you and mentions you can get an additional 20% off on all Nikes. You thank him and then walk over  to the Nike shoe section. You pick up one pair of Nikes. Another salesman  named “Jack” approaches you and asks if everything is alright. You tell Jack you are wondering what the difference is between this Nike shoe you are holding and the pair of New Balance shoes near it. Jack gives you some details about the different materials used, manufacturing process etc. You tell  him you want to try a pair of Nikes in a size 10. He brings them to you. You try on the shoes but they are too big. You ask for a smaller size. Jack comes back with a size 9. They fit. You tell Jack you want to take the shoes. He asks if you would like a pair of socks with the shoes. They’re 50% off when purchased with a pair of shoes. You agree to buy the socks too. Jack smiles and rings up everything quickly and efficiently. You leave the store feeling like you got a good deal and good service. You behaved like a normal shopper and nobody would think you are a mystery shopper.

Your mystery shopping report:

  • You fill out a questionnaire detailing your customer experience and answering specific questions about the promotion posters, whether the salesman greeted you, whether the salesman told you about the socks, and about other add-on products, etc.
  • You send this questionnaire by fax or email to the mystery shopping companies that hired you for this assignment.

Your payment for this mystery shopping job:

  • You keep the Nike shoes for free.
  • You get paid $15 to $50.

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