How To Get Ripped Abs.

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Ripped abs are the most coveted muscle group that everyone wants to look sexy.  Everybody has six pack abs.  The only difference between someone that has visible six pack abs and someone that does not have visible six pack abs is fat.  If you want ripped abs then get rid of the fat around your midsection.  That is way easier said than done for some.  Slow metabolism and bad eating habits are a few reasons why everybody does not have visible six pack abs.

Ripped Abs Exercises

Here are a few ab exercises that I will demonstrate in a youtube video.Heisman – From standing position running side to side flex your arms like doing curls, bring on knee to your stomach.  Relax.  Run other direction flex arms again and bring opposite knee to your stomach.Power knee – Very similar to Heisman.  Standing still bring left knee to stomach and back to ground.  Do an 8 count.  Then repeat with right knee.Standing side crunch – In standing position, put hands behind head, lean from side to side, this exercise targets your obliques aka: love handles or more accurately death grips.  You can’t have ripped abs with those pesky love handles still intact.

The next 5 exercises are from the ground.

In/out abs – From plank position bring your legs up towards your stomach and chest and then back to plank position.Ski abs – Ski abs are similar to in/out abs, the only difference is your legs go out to the side instead of towards your stomach and chest.Oblique V ups – Lying on your side place one arm on your side and the other arm behind your head.  Keep your feet together, bend your legs towards your body while moving your head towards your legs.  For example: if you are laying on your right side, put your right arm by your side, put your left arm behind your head, bring your knees toward your body while bringing your head toward your legs.  Use a good mat with this one. With all exercises flex your abs and don’t forget to breathe.  It won’t do you any good holding your breathe.  Do these a few times a week and say hello to your new found ripped abs.

Ripped Abs Diet

To get those sexy ripped abs you can’t just eat anything that is placed on the table in front of you.  Say no to the Krispy Kremes and Coca cola. A good place to start is loading up on cruciferous vegetables.  To learn more read my article about cruciferous vegetables.  Cruciferous vegetables help to burn belly fat.  That is pretty important when trying to get those coveted sexy ripped abs. One thing you want to do is start a food diary to find out what your eating habits are.  This is a great way to implement effective long term healthy eating habits. Next check your pantry.  Get rid of any breads, cereals, or pastas that are not 100% whole wheat.  Try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible and try and eat fresh foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are a few foods that will help you get ripped abs.  Oranges, dates, almonds, bananas, grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, steel cut oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat tortillas.  Meats include: extra-lean ground beef, nitrate-free turkey bacon, chicken breast, and ground turkey breast. For those that have a sweet tooth that has to be satisfied check out my article Cheat Day – Rapid Fat Lossand discover how a cheat day can actually help you lose weight.

Ripped Abs Mindset.

To acquire ripped abs you have to have the right mindset.   You can’t do ab exercises every other day (you can’t work out your abs everyday they need 24 hours to rest between workouts), and eat McDonald’s 3 times a day and expect to get a six pack abs, that’s not how it works.  You have to stay committed to reach your fitness and nutrition goals which should include ripped abs.  Those sexy abs are right around the corner just stick with it.  Nothing in life comes easy.

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