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Healthier eating  is a choice every time we put food in our mouths.  It takes the right mindset.  You can’t eat McDonald’s three times a day and expect to lose weight.  Your body needs certain nutrients to function properly and keep your metabolism at a healthy rate.  I heard a statement once and it is very true, it goes like this, “we dig our graves with our teeth.”  Wow!  How true is that?  If a person constantly eats junk food day after day year after year eventually those bad eating will catch up to them.  We have to take responsibility for what we eat.  Every single person is responsible for eating junk or healthier eating.  Choose to eat healthy.

Healthier Eating Works Diets Don’t!

 Every year during January so many people make the decision to make a new years resolution to lose weight.  The sad truth is that a good number that make this decision fail.  If you are reading this and have stuck to a new years resolution congratulations.  Why do a good many new years resolutions fail?  Diets don’t work, healthier eating does!  If you make a new years resolution and are serious write down your goals.  Be specific.  What is your goal weight?  What are you going to sacrifice to make that goal weight?  To make your goals a lot of times sacrifice is necessary to meet them.  Your goal to healthier eating will be so worth it.  Stick to your goals.  You can do it.

Healthier Eating You Need Support, Support, Support

To successfully lose weight and keep it off you have to have peer support.  It doesn’t matter if it is your husband/wife, friends, brother/sister or whoever.  You have to have that go to person when times get tough.  It is extremely important to have at least one person to keep you accountable or you will most likely fall off the wagon and go back to your old bad eating habits.  You need support to implement your healthier eating habits.  It takes time.  Don’t be too rough on yourself.

Stay Committed To Healthier Eating

 When it comes to healthier eating and sticking to a workout routine staying committed is one of the hardest things to do.  On the days when you don’t want to workout when you do actually workout it is so rewarding and can be some of the best workouts you do.  Healthier eating is the same way.  It is really hard to do when you get together with family and friends especially during special occasions where there are sugary treats galore.  You have to make a conscious decision during these times to eat right and not follow the crowd.  You are the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror when you get home.Remember food is your friend when it comes to weight loss, but it can also be your enemy if you choose to eat the wrong foods.  Next time you have a big mac attack eat a piece of fruit or enjoy a nutrient rich salad instead.  Healthier eating is a big part of losing weight and keeping it off.

Diets don’t work, healthier eating does!

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