Eye Bag Surgery

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Eye Bag Surgery

Eye-bags-surgeryIt’s completely understandable why you are considering eye bag surgery. Unlike many other cosmetic ailments, this particular skin care problem is often one you are not at fault for. Although certain things like getting enough sleep and eating healthy can help, the vast majority of the time these are not the cause of your eye bags. Rather, you can blame your mom and dad for them because it’s in your genes.Lucky for you, cosmetic eyelid surgery is known for delivering great results. After all else fails, many turn to cosmetic eye surgery to get rid of under eye bags once and for all.There are also other options out there, too. But before we talk about the other treatments for bags under eyes, let’s take a closer look at this surgical procedure. What is it, what are the risks, and how effective it is.

What is eye bag surgery?

Well the official name of this procedure is blepharoplasty. That name is derived from what healthcare professionals call the condition; blepharochalasis. But the rest of us just call this nasty condition eye bags. So how does the surgery work? Well first of all incisions are made below the lower eyelash. Once the tissue is exposed, fat and extra skin are then cut out. Your skin is then sutured back together, minus the extra tissue.

What are the risks?

Now this may sound easy on paper, but there are many risks, complications, and drawbacks one to consider. For starters, eye bag surgery is by no means cheap. It will set you back at least several thousand, sometimes even more than ten thousand dollars.  Since it’s cosmetic insurance doesn’t cover a dime of that. But even if the costs are not a concern, you need to contemplate the risks.Not everyone is suitable for this operation. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or certain heart and thyroid conditions, you are at a much higher risk for complications. Because the surgeon’s scalpel is merely millimeters away from the surface of your eyeball there are risks such as a detached retina or the eye being accidentally punctured or cut.

Even if your eye bag removal surgery goes as planned, you have to plan for a recovery. Plus, there are some scary post op complications to keep in mind. There is significant recovery time you have to take into account. If you want to be discreet about your operation, this could mean taking quite a long break from your work and social schedule. But one of the scariest scarring. The last thing you want is a scar around your eyes. This is an important area of your face that people look at the most. With lower blepharoplasty, the incision made under your eye may turn into a scar. Unfortunately this is even more likely to occur if you have olive or darker skin.

How effective is it?

If the surgery goes as planned and there are no complications, it is usually produces the desired result. But before you spend thousands of dollars and subject yourself to such scary complications, you may want to check out some of the exciting new products on the market which are specifically designed to treat under eye bags.

The Final Note

Surgery is not the only way to treat your eye bags. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where science is developing some pretty amazing methods for treating signs of aging. Recently some great eye creams and serums have come out that contain ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective. Generally these are only available online and at dermatologist offices because they cost a little more to make, so the profit margin isn’t high enough to sell them at the store.

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