Confused on what home workout routine to get?

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Workout, workout, workout.  Confused on what home workout routine to get? Looking for the right workout routine that fits your lifestyle can be a challenge.  Hopefully this post will help you to find a workout routine to help you meet your fitness goals.

P90X: An Insane Workout Routine

The name of the workout routine is power 90 extreme.  It is called extreme for a reason.  It will kick your butt!  P90X is based around the science of muscle confusion.  Over the 90 days before your body can adapt to the workouts, different workouts are introduced so your body can bypass the plateau effect.  The plateau effect occurs when your body adjusts to workouts and you stop getting results.

Insanity: Another Insane Workout Routine

Just like P90X, Insanity lives up to it’s name.  The workouts are insane!  If you want to be dripping in sweet at the end of every workout, give Insanity a try.  Insanity is 60 days in length instead of 90 like P90X.  So you can get results with less time.  The science behind Insanity is max interval training.  Max interval training is long bursts of intense exercise with short bursts of rest, which maximizes results.

Insanity the Asylum: The Workout Insanity Continues With This One

To get even more extreme, Insanity the Asylum might be your cup of tea.  If you are extreme and want fast results it is the way to go.  Insanity the Asylum is 30 days instead of 60 days like the original Insanity.  The purpose of Insanity the Asylum is for sports training.  Someone who is training for some type of an event like a 5K run.  You train like a elite pro athlete.


For all the ladies out there TurboFire is the way to go.  I have done one of the TurboFire workouts and I was little surprised.  Going into the workout I thought to myself I don’t want to do a pansy chick workout.  But to my surprise it was actually a great workout.  I can see why so many woman have lost so much weight doing TurboFire.  Turbofire is based around High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is short bursts of high intensity followed by quick recovery periods.  HIIT helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat up to 48 hours after your workout.


The biggest excuse that is used to not workout is; I don’t have the time.  With 10 Minute Trainer that excuse no longer holds any water.  Everybody has ten minutes to spare a day to workout, whether in the morning before work, after work when you get home, or whatever time of the day that is suitable for you and your schedule.  10 Minute Trainer is less intense than any of the workout routines I have mentioned up until this point.


Beachbody is at the forefront of producing the best workout routines.  They make it a practice to continue to out due themselves.  When P90X came out in 2004 it revolutionized the fitness industry and it continues to have success seven years later in 2011.  But the successful days of P90X are almost over.  Why would I say something crazy like that?!  Because P90X2 is about to be released in a few weeks.  I have seen video clips of P90X2 and it looks more intense than the 1st.  I have completed P90X and Insanity the Asylum and done a few Insanity workouts.  I highly recommend Beachbody workout routines. 

There is a new diet out called The 4 Cycle Solution from Shaun Hadsall.

This program has a very interesting twist on weight loss dieting that is causing quite a stir in the diet and weight loss community. According to Shaun, he states that this program is centered around providing the dieter with proven effective (and fresh) ways to slim down, get fit, and to do so without suffering from the usual diet setbacks (such as strong hunger pangs, cravings, frustration, yo-yo weight loss, and more).

Carb Cycling.

The 4 Cycle Solution program is based around a very popular and proven effective technique called “carb cycling”. Basically, what this diet does is instead of making the dieter severely restrict carbs (which is VERY common in many fad diet programs), it has you implement carbohydrates into your diet in a strategic pattern that will cause a significant boost to your metabolism… and AVOID having the carbs doing what they are known for… which is STORING BODY FAT!

This pattern (technically known as Macro-Patterning) of switching around carbs to boost your metabolism is extremely effective in so many ways. Not only does it work well for speeding up how fast you burn off fat, it also helps your digestive system, your overall health, and it helps you with staying consistent… and that is because you are not depriving yourself, starving yourself, or doing anything unnatural. And what I had to personally learn the hard way, doing anything unnatural will certainly cause you more problems than.

What You had Prior to Starting a Diet!

According to Shaun, this program will actually reprogram your metabolism and fat burning hormones. This in turn will cause extreme fat loss. Speaking of fat loss, that just reminded me of a huge tip I wanted to share with you real quick: When dieting, please focus more on BURNING OFF FAT than LOSING POUNDS OFF THE SCALE. When you burn fat, not only do you obviously still lose weight, you’ll look a lot better, you’ll improve your overall health (which is the most important part), and more. On the flip side, focusing on just losing pounds typically leads to MANY issues (digestive issues, a slower metabolism, a “skinny-fat” look, a loss of muscle tissue, a loss of energy, and more).

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