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The laptop bag is underestimated and sometimes people overlook the importance of buying one, but in fact the laptop bag is one of the most important laptop accessories. The laptop bag makes it easier to carry your laptop around, protects it from scratches, dents and shocks and provides space for other laptop accessories.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a good laptop bag. Some choices, like the style of the laptop bag are obvious, but others may not be. Choosing wisely will not only ensure you have good protection for your notebook, but also a functional laptop bag for years to come. Here are a few hints on how to choose a laptop bag:

Style and Design

There are many laptop bag styles, and the most common ones are the briefcase, messenger bag and backpack. Personal taste will dictate what style you ultimately decide on. The briefcase is gives a sense of professionalism but the backpack is easier to carry. The messenger bag comes somewhere in between.

A laptop bag should have a computer sleeve and several compartments. The sleeve will keep the laptop from shifting inside the bag. Compartments are good for carrying other laptop accessories like the laptop mouse, the charger, or other items you want to transport along with your notebook. Keeping these in other sections of the bag will prevent them from rubbing against the notebook and scratching it.


Choosing a good material for your laptop bag is important. A good material will last and will be able to protect your laptop from shocks and bad weather. A good thing to consider is a solid bottom and reinforced stitching. These two factors will help extend the life of the bag. Choosing a cheap bag without much reinforcement could significantly reduce the life of the laptop bag.

Some of the materials used in laptop bags are  cordura, nylon, polyester, suede, vinyl, cotton, denim, duralite, koskin, micro fiber and top grain leather. Leather laptop bags are more durable and will protect your laptop from adverse climatic conditions.


Size is a key factor in choosing a laptop bag. Laptop bags are made to match your laptop, so if you have a 15 inch laptop you will buy a bag for a 15 inch laptop, if you have a 17 inch laptop than a 17 inch laptop bag, and so on. It’s very important to choose a right size because if the bag is too small your laptop won’t fit, or if it’s too big, your laptop will shift inside the bag.


You should also consider weight, when choosing a laptop bag. A laptop bag doesn’t have to weigh more than your laptop. Think about how much weight you will carry around with a heavy laptop bag, the laptop, accessories and other items.

Laptop Battery

We recently talked about how to extend your laptop battery life and runtime. Even so, some laptop batteries won’t power your laptop for more than 7-10 hours per charge. Batteries that are 1 or 2 years old will go half the distance. One solution would be to buy a new laptop battery, but this is an expensive solution. So, if you’re a workaholic or a gamer, and you want to get out of the house and go work in the park or you happen to be on a long flight and you need your battery to run for 10-12 hours, you should consider buying an external laptop battery (or more). We say more because external laptop batteries are a cheap solution when you need your laptop to run longer.

An external laptop battery is a battery designed to power your laptop when other laptop batteries fail. Most external laptop batteries are universal, thus making them suitable for every laptop make or model. An external laptop battery connects to the laptop through the DC-in port, so you don’t have to shut down your laptop to change the battery, and can be charged at any available outlet. Some external laptop batteries can be linked in series to offer a longer runtime. Most external laptop batteries offer USB powerports that you can use to power other devices like mobile phones or mp3 players.

Choosing an external laptop battery is not a difficult task, but it’s always recommended that you check feedbacks and reviews on the models you’re interested in. You should also make sure that the external battery you are buying supports your laptop make and model. This will help you weigh factors like quality, price and reliability. Some of the leading companies that offer external laptop batteries include Toshiba, HP, Lenmar, Tekken, Maplin, to name a few.

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