ASUS Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool available for download

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The ASUS Transformer Prime unlocking debacle was quite a hot subject a while ago, and since it looks like quite a lot of users have complained about not being able to properly unlock their devices, the Taiwan-based company has decided to offer an official solution, namely the Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool.

Now available for download, the Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool is specifically designed to work with the TF201 Transformer Prime model, with Android 4.0 ICS installed.

Unfortunately, despite of the fact that we are, after all, talking about an official software release, installing the app will have some serious adverse effects, the most important one being, without a doubt, the overall loss of warranty.

In fact, ASUS is quite adamant about the fact that, after installing the app, the unlocked ASUS Transfomer Prime will no longer be considered an Original Product.

All in all, we’ll have to admit that this is quite an OK move from ASUS, since it’s decided to offer a proper answer to an official demand, although, admittedly, under a couple of restrictions.

ViewSonic ViewPad G70,E100 and P100 tablets unveiled (foto) [MWC 2012]

Although the Mobile World Congress 2012 show only starts today, many big names in the mobile industry have already held their press conferences and revealed their hottest and latest products to be showcased on the venue, this also being the case with ViewSonic, who’s presented no less than three new tablets.

So, for 2012, ViewSonic plans to draw in some new customers via its bran-new ViewPad G70,E100 and P100 tablets, all of which offers users some pretty interesting and cool features, to say the least.

The first new tablet brought-in by ViewSonic is the ViewPad G70, a 7-inch device running the Android 4.0 ICS operating system. The tablet features a fairly OK set of specs, including 1GB of RAM memory, 4GB of storage space expandable via a microSD memory card slot, plus numeours connectivity ports on the side.

Additionally, the tablet comes packed both with a 2-megapixels sensor on the front side and a 0.3-megapixel version on the rear.

Next in ViewSonic‘s MWC 2012 lineup comes the 9.7-inch ViewPad E100, a slender (620g and 9.1mm thick) device which also runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and sports a 1,024 x 768 IPS display. Additional features include a 1GHZ processor, plus USB, microSD and HDMI interfaces.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the ViewPad P100 model, a Windows 7 slate equipped with an 10-inch 1,280 × 800 IPS display, accompanied by a a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Atom N2600 processor, as well as both front and rear-side camera modules.

Unfortunately, there’s still no info available on the pricing and/or availability of the ViewPad tablets, but we’re likely to find out more on this topic in the near future, perhaps even by the end of MWC 2012.

ASUS teases Padfone, tablet and keyboard dock for MWC 2012 via cool video

The Mobile World Congress, held each year in Barcelona, Spain, is approaching fast, and most companies involved in the mobile world are gearing up for this event, including here ASUS, who seems to be prepping a really interesting surprise for this occasion.

As some of you might know, ASUS revealed a while ago their Padfone, a device meant to bring together the smartphone and tablet concepts.

And now, the Taiwan-based company has just posted online a very interesting teaser video, presumably involving the respective product, and featuring…a three-part Russian doll.

Those of you who’re not really familiar with Russian dolls should know that we’re talking about items of increasing size that fit one inside another. This leads us to believe that the product ASUS is teasing will be one fitting within another, which leads us right to the Padfone concept.And as far as the third item is concerned, chances are that we’re talking about a keyboard dock to go with the tablet, given the fact that, after all, ASUS has become an expert in such accessories, after successfully launching the Transformer and Transformer Prime models.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few more days in order to see what’s what, but in the mean time, we’ll let you watch the video and decide for yourselves what’s what.

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